Trentemoller Essential Mix 10-15-2006

This mix really defined for me the concept of minimal electronic music for the first time in my life. Never before had I heard such well crafted, engineered dance music, where the fine details are the emphasis and noise is left at the front door. I listened to this mix so much that the mp3 started to have scratches in it. This mix describes that point between fall and winter where you feel nature's anxiety floating in the air. Deep, terse, and expressive. SGNL


Track List

  1. Trentemoller“Small Piano Piece” (White Label)
  2. Khan“Fantomes” (Matador)
  3. Trentemoller“The Very Last Resort” (Poker Flat)
  4. Trentemoller“Miss You” (Poker Flat)
  5. Lhasa de Sela“De Carla A Pered” (Les Disques Audiogrammes)
  6. Murcof“Una” (Leaf)
  7. Trentemoller“Snowflake” (Poker Flat)
  8. Unknown Artist“Unknown Dub” (White Label)
  9. Trentemoller“Evil Dub” (Poker Flat)
  10. The Specials“Ghost Town” (EMI Gold)
  11. Chris Isak“Wicked Games (Trentemoller’s Unofficial Remake)” (White Label)
  12. Trentemoller“Nightwalker” (Poker Flat)
  13. Trentemoller feat. Ane Trolle“Moan (Trentemoller Remix)” (Poker Flat)
  14. The Doors“Break On Through (Disse Bootleg)” (White Label)
  15. Le Tigre“Nanny Nanny Boo Boo (Junior Senior Remix)” (Chicks On Speed Records)
  16. James White and the Blacks“Contort Yourself” (ZE Records)
  17. Revl9n“Someone Like You” (Because Music)
  18. Moby“Go! (Trentemoller remix)” (Mute)
  19. Jokke“Feelin’ Good (Trentemoller Remix)” (White Label)
  20. Trentemoller“Always Something Better feat. Richard Davis (Trentemoller Remix)' (Poker Flat) The Knife 25. 'We Share Our Mother's Health” (Mute)